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Overnight Contact Lenses or Ortho-k

Are there contact lenses that can be one at night?  I always thought that wearing contact lenses at night was dangerous.

Although most contact lenses cannot be worn at night,  Orthokeratology utilizes contact lenses such as Paragon CRT, which are specifically designed for overnight use without having any risk involved. Regular contact lenses when worn during the day develop a lot of bacteria and especially if they're daily contact lenses, and further wearing them overnight can lead to an eye infection whether contact lenses could possibly get stuck. Orthokeratology, however, utilizes overnight contact lenses to actually reshape your cornea or the larger portion of the eye, and this provides you with amazing Vision throughout the day.

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After wearing them at night do I need to wear anything during the day like glasses or other special contacts?

Sunglasses are always recommended if you're going outside but no prescriptions are needed at all. Also, you don't need any special contact lenses. As long as you use the lenses prescribed by your eye doctor properly so that your eye’s cornea adjusts correctly, you will have no need of any prescription glasses. There might be a chance if you're  presbyopic, but the average nearsighted individual should have no problems.

How long does it take to get used to overnight contact lenses? Do overnight contact lenses offer the same quality Vision as my contact lenses?

Your corneas shape is being reshaped to give you proper vision at around 2020. So the effects are not immediate it does take some time. Depends on the person. Some people are ready within a week, while others need more time,  but in general, the quality of vision exceeds regular contact lenses. Regular contact lenses are something you place on top of the eye to help with refraction error,  but Orthokeratology actually corrects the eye itself that gives you much more precision for your vision.

What age can you start wearing overnight contact lenses?

Orthokeratology can start even as young as 8, but it's always good to gauge the child based on their level of responsibility.  This would depend on how the child cooperates with the eye doctor and the recommendation of your eye doctor after seeing how well the child works with a contact lens.

Are there any benefits to wearing overnight contact lenses versus dailies?

Absolutely. Daily contact lenses are an amazing way to see well throughout the day without needing to maintain the contact lenses.

Orthokeratology, however, has been known to stop the progression of myopia in children and young adults. This is a huge advantage that can help prevent ocular disease when they're older. Contact lenses such as dailies will not stop the progression of myopia since they only cover the eye, while Orthokeratology will hold the eye’s shape in place, thereby, retaining perfect vision.


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