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Metal Fragments in the eye are a big eye emergency!

If you’re involved in metalwork or machinery during the day, eye protection is essential to preserve your eyesight. Wearing protective safety eyeglasses not only ensures your eyes aren’t scratched or harmed from large sparks or chunks of metal, but even small metal fragments or even pieces as small as dust.

When a small metal fragment lodges itself in your eye, often symptoms start off small with some minor eye pain.

In the event you suspect metal has entered your eye:

  1. DO NOT rub your eye.
  2. Wash your eye out with water or cleaning solution, if available.
  3. Pat dry around your eyes.

If you still feel any eye pain or even discomfort, you should call our office for urgent eye care. Our optometrists have the tools available to check your eye for any signs of metal fragments and remove any potential sight-threatening foreign objects in your eye.

Patients who have any foreign object lodged in their eye can face vision loss in as little as 24 hours.

Our practice specializes in eye emergencies and can help treat your vision quicker than any urgent care facility or emergency room at a much cheaper cost.

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