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Digital Retinal Imaging Update

  • Digital Retinal Image (DRI) + iWellness Scan

    Our office is committed to providing the best patient care possible. We have invested in Digital Retinal Imaging and iWellness Scan technology.
    • Retinal Imaging captures a widefield image of the retina, including the optic nerve, macula and blood vessels in the eye.
    • iWellness imaging is a noninvasive scan that lets the doctor see the different layers of the retina, where signs of disease first appear.
    This establishes a baseline medical record we can compare with future images aiding in proper diagnosis and management of eye disease. Our doctors highly recommend this photo as part of your comprehensive eye exam because there is no other way for early detection of potentially harmful changes that can occur over time.

    Our office offers this service for $39.00 and must be paid once your exam is complete. At this time, this service is not covered by your vision insurance. If you have any questions, feel free to ask one of our staff members or doctors before choosing to opt in or out.

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