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Contact Lens Fit and Follow Up Policy

  • Thank you for choosing the doctors at Kent Eye Clinic to prescribe your contact lenses!

    Whether you are a new contact lens wearer or current wearer, we need to evaluate the health of your cornea, your visual acuity, and determine if you are good candidate for contact lens wear. In addition to an eye exam, a contact lens evaluation is required for a contact lens prescription. Because this evaluation includes additional measurements and tests for the curvature of the eye, corneal health check for correct fit, as well as any adjustments we need to do for better vision and comfort, there are additional costs. This fee includes any contact lens related follow-up visits for up to 60 days and any trial lenses that we supply until your prescription is finalized. Contact lenses are a medical device that if not fit and cared for properly can endanger the health of your eyes. Because of this, contact lens prescriptions must be renewed every year.

    Evaluation fees are non-refundable and are due at the time of services rendered.

    The doctor will make the final decision on the type of fitting most appropriate for your vision. Once you and the doctor are satisfied with the fit, comfort, and vision with your contact lenses, your prescription will be finalized.

    Below are the evaluation types and fee for contact lenses:
    New wearer evaluation fee: $100
    Established CL wearer evaluation fee: $65

    I have read and agree with the above fees for contact lens fitting services.

  • We know that you have choices when buying your contacts. Many of our contact lenses are priced either the same or less expensive than the internet after rebates. We always exchange and guarantee your contacts should a problem arise. All contact lenses are 100% exchangeable up to 1 year if the package remains unopened and are not expired. Please open trial lenses first, if available. Thank you in advance for supporting local business!

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