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Come to our Pediatric Eye Exams Workshop by Dr. Thoreby!

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Are you positive that your child can see the Blackboard?

“I just assumed everyone couldn’t see the blackboard.” Simon, Grade 4.

The Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams.”Presented by Dr. Sean Thoreby

Thursday, April 26th at 6 pm.

19400 108tb Ave SE suite 202 Kent, WA

RSVP at (253) 852-2120

or go to our Evite here

Join Kent Eye Clinic for a night of education, insights, and building awareness about your child’s eye health. Among the many problems children face at school, Vision doesn’t have to be one of them. With advances in eye care technology, our eye doctors are able to pinpoint the exact causes behind any visual deficiency during a pediatric eye examination. For children, struggles in school could vary from myopia or nearsightedness to their visual system having a lack of coordination. Your local optometrist has the knowledge and expertise to guide your child to not simply viewing the blackboard, but improve their reading and physical activities like sports. Children who are easily frustrated may be a result of eye strain and an inability to focus.

Not only are children shy about their failures, but they often don’t notice them. A parent who has researched what determines healthy eyesight, and especially through routine pediatric eye exams, can ensure their children remain healthy, accurate vision for their future.

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