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Eye Emergency in Kent? Visit your Eye Doctor First!

kent eye emergenciesTake any eye emergency to your eye doctor, not urgent care!

While any health emergency leads many to an emergency room or urgent care unit, the eye isn’t as simple as a broken arm or open wound. For example, pain medication typically takes no effect when there’s eye pain. A variety of factors could cause eye pain like inflammation, a foreign body, or even neurological.

Do you have an eye emergency? Call us at 253-204-3504.

By contacting Kent Eye Clinic, our staff and eye doctors can help you receive proper care and treatment that’s much faster than any urgent care, less costly, and resolve your condition accurately. An optometrist is able to handle a number of eye emergencies, such as infections or foreign body removal, which are the most common kinds of eye emergencies.

In the event your eye emergency would require an eye surgeon, an optometrist would be able to connect you with a local eye surgeon quickly and help you receive care, faster. There are some clear signs, however, that you should call 911 or head to an emergency room:

  • Bleeding whether externally on the eye or internally
  • Vision Loss
  • Intense Pain or Paralysis of the Eye
  • Changes in the eye’s shape, such as swelling or bulging

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