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Tired of Cleaning Contact Lenses? Why Not Dailies?

contact casesDo you love having to change your contact lenses every day?

Making sure that you find a right solution, clean out your contact lens, and keep to schedule of replacing the contact lenses every 2 weeks to a month? Didn't think so. Fortunately there is an alternative called daily contact lenses and many different options are available in order to help you get clear crystal vision without the need to keep out of any maintenance. In fact, most studies show that less than 2% of contact lens wearers clean their contact lenses properly, so you're very likely not getting the best visual experience available.

So what makes daily contact lenses so unique?

Aside from the fact that every day you wake up in the clean fresh pair of contact lenses, and by the end of the day, you simply throw them out – that's about it as far as their composition.  However, there are many indirect benefits to disposable contact lenses. For one, your lenses don't build up bacteria from the eyes, which will allow your eyes to breathe and avoid irritation.  Second, you save money on buying solution, so whatever you're spending on maintenance can be invested in better lenses. Third, losing your contact lenses is no longer a concern. You can also add the convenience of no placement schedules, less dryness in your eyes,  and still get the same crystal vision like you did with your old lenses.

Because daily lenses are so convenient, many companies are adapting them to bifocals, color lenses, and even people with an astigmatism as a new alternative. Also, if you're new to wearing contact lenses, this is an easy way to get started.  To find out more about why you should wear daily contact lenses contact our office today

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