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Buying Glasses From Your Optometrist

Why is it that people have the notion that buying online means you'll get a better deal? In fact, the traditional method of ordering eyeglasses through your trusted eye care professional is still the number one, best deal available. People often get sucked into online "unbeatable pricing" or convenient right to your door delivery, but the disadvantages to buying glasses online are much more significant than the advantages.

When buying eyeglasses off the internet, many people try to estimate their latest prescription; however, the only tried and true method is through visiting your local eye doctor to ensure you get glasses that provide optimal vision with the least eyestrain.

Online retailers often quote low prices or superb deals that are supposedly nowhere to be found thbe rough an optometrist. Not only could their glasses often made in China, poorly constructed, or simply end up being a knock off brand, but you don't get the full picture and style as you would, in perosn, at an optometrist. The reason your optometrist can have the same, if not cheaper pricing is due to the fact that special deals from the manufacturer are offered to optometrists unlike online stores. Plus, an optometrist offers a lot more than a pair of glasses to give you the best vision possible. An eye doctor can assist you in an eye exam, finding a pair of contact lenses, and build a personal relationship with you that you can't find online. Also, Online retail stores often rely on package deals, while your local eye doctor can discuss with you various options to save you money. 

What's the purpose of a personal relationship?

As with any good eye doctor, their number 1 goal is to ensure the long term care of your eye health and visual comfort, and they will take the time to find you a pair of glasses that suit you best. The same cannot be said about online retailers. Although eye doctors can help you find the exact prescription, whether you need bifocals or trifocals, an eye doctor can also judge the exact designer frame for you based on face shape, cut of the lens, and provide any additional lens treatments to protect your eyes from UV rays to blue light.

Although most of us want to save money more than an expert opinion, the best thing about visiting your local optometrist is that you can save money as well as get A hi end designer frame without

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