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Summer Has Come Early

This Spring has been the best the Pacific Northwest have ever experienced.  Tons of warm weather, loads of sun, and plenty of outdoor fun!  While all these things sound great, who's thinking about your eyes?  Are your eyes ready for the blast of allergies, damaging UV light, and all the accidents that come along with being outside.  We want to make sure you are taken care of and well protected while enjoying this amazing Summer we're about to have.  Here's your summer checklist:


What's the key ingredient here?  SUNGLASSES!  It's the best way to keep your eyes happy and healthy this Summer.  We've stocked up on sunglasses there leaving you with tons of options.  And guess what.  Your first pair is 25% OFF.  The second pair is 50% OFF.  Come and get 'em and have the best summer ever!!!

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