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Hard time driving at night?

Why is it so difficult driving at night around the Great Pacific Northwest?  Rain, rain, and….you guessed it; RAIN!  Winter and Springtime are the most difficult times of year for patients when trying to drive.  The window is always soaked, our intermediate wipers don't behave as they should, the window fogs, the road is wet, and it's just plain dark.  All this moisture is really just annoying to our eyes.  It produces so much glare, it sometimes almost difficult to even drive; especially at night time.  How do we fix this? 

1. Sometimes the answer is simply having an eye exam.  Not having the most accurate prescription can make seeing the road more difficult.

2. Anti-reflective or anti-glare treatments to the prescription lenses really do make a difference.  As light is directed towards you, it's minimized by the lens treatment to help focus things more sharply.

3. After getting your eyes checked, we recommend a nice window cleaning along with adding in Rain-X.  We've put Rain-X original and Rain-X Anti-fog to the test and the results are amazing.  You can drive without ever touching your wipers or defrost.  Removing all the moisture from the windshield definitely makes driving at night a lot easier.  AND, because there's no more need for the defroster, the gas mileage has improved.  Check out this video from Rain-X:

These are all great options when trying to improve your sight when driving.  Come see us to see!

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