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Dry Eyes

This seems to be the time of year where our eyes can be more irritated up here in the Northwest.  Why?  Cooler weather tends to dry out the air, our skin, and of course our eyes.  How do we help this?  Eye drops?  More eye drops?  clipart 042

That sounds so annoying trying to put eye drops in every hour.  One, they continously get irritated and two, you have to keep putting in eye drops.  Plus people see red eyes and think you are partaking in some illegal activities.  What's better?

Ever heard of Punctal Plugs or Medical Contact Lenses?  Maybe even Orthokeratology or LASIK is the answer. 

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 Dr. Hofeldt is an expert in anterior (front) eye concerns and would be glad to see which  treatment would best suit your eye needs.  Schedule an appointment now!

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