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Do You Use A Computer?

Ever think about how many hours a day you spend watching TV?  On the computer?  Or on that little electronic square thing that we keep by our side 24/7 as if it's a part of us?  2 hours?  4 hours?  What about 10+?!?  According to this Huffington Post article, Americans on average will spend more than 10 hours a day online, on their phone, or watching TV. It's unbelievable how much we're connected to their devices.  What happens to our eyes when we sit here trying to focus on these things.  Do you think our eyes have receptors specifically labeled for 'IPhone', 'Laptop' or 'HDTV Sunday Night Football'?  NO WAY!  How are we able to process these things?  The honest trust is that our eyes do a terrible job in front of electronics.  We see so many kids failing to focus on the Ipad, computer, or smart board at school.  They come in to our office with concerns of not seeing well yet there is no prescription.  ???  What's going on?  As kids are developing, their brains just don't have the power to process what a computer really is.  Remember when you were a kid and couldn't process the image.  Probably can't because there was no such thing as LCD back-lit monitors.  It was all black and green dos programming.  Well we're here and in the now.  What do we do for ourselves and our kiddos who are struggling with these things. 

blutech   Welcome BluTech to our portfolio at Benson Eye Clinic!  There are tons of companies trying to compete in the computer lens market.  Which one is going to be the best for our patients?  We've done a thorough investigation and find that BluTech is on the leading edge of the perfect lens.  It is a quality product that meets all of our daily electronic needs.  Not only does it help here but with so many other things:

  • UV light protection
  • Natural depth and color perception
  • Visual acuity and night driving
  • Improves contrast and glare
  • Provides physical protection

Do you work at a computer?  Do you have a cell phone?  Do you watch TV?  If the answer is yes to any or all of these, then it's time to come and see us.  We can show you the benefits of having these lenses and even show you some examples.  Dr. Hofeldt, Donna, and Jenna are all using the BluTech lenses and it's working fantastic.  Come in and SEE!


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