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Digital Lenses are the Wave of The Future

Ever heard of digital lenses?  They've been around for a few years but newer technologies are allowing us to up the anti.  With our highly trained staff and newest measuring devices, we're one of the first in Kent and Renton to use Spec Tech 1.0 and our patients are loving it!  With Spec Tech, we're able to more accurately measure your frame and lenses so that your eye sight is flawless in all of your daily activities.  Patients are walking out of office with The Best Eye Sight they've ever experienced.  At Benson Eye Clinic we want to live up to our promiss and always provide "Quality Eye Care for The Entire Family".  You have to come in and check out our new digitally designed custom lenses for your next frames. 

pupil measure

Wanna Learn More?!?  Here's the Beta:

Spec Tech was created to help simulate lens treatments and options, as well as take professional measurements without the exorbitant costs some of the dispensing tools today. With over 800 different PAL options on the market today it is hard to differentiate one product from another without being able to visually show you these differences. Spec Tech will walk through almost every lens option or treatment on the market today and take all of your  measurements such as PD, seg. height or OC, vertex distance, and panto. In addition, Spec Tech will provide lens tutorials in a virtual real time wear mode and allow you to select frames and send them to friends and family members for a second opinion because everyone always wants to look their best!


Digital Centration:
Spec Tech is the best solution available today to ensure a proper lens fit for even the most sophisticated personalized progressive lenses. With just a simple picture you can take all of your patients necessary measurements for any lens order including the advanced and customized digital lens designs sold today. Spec Tech will allow you to take monocular PD’s in both near and far, a backside vertex distance, segment height, and panto alleviating the office of the time consumption and tediousness of taking them individually by hand. Tried and proven, the measurements are on the mark and provide your office with world class elegance.

Premium Lenses Simulations:
Using real time wear technology, we can show you exactly how you will see out of your new prescribed lenses.  No more drawing pictures of different progressive designs or going down the row of displays such as non-glare, polarized, Transitions, or even aspheric displays. We can present you with a real life simulation of lens options and progressive lens designs.  This totally separates our practice apart and we're raising the bar.

Take Pictures and Videos:
So how do we make sure you can see what you are buying before you buy it?  We have the ability to show you and compare up to 4 different frames at a time.  Spec Tech can take a static image or video to allow you to turn to the side and see the temple view as well as the front view. Are you still unsure? No problem. With your approval, we can email the images to a friend or family member and bring a friend into the decision virtually!


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