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Welcome ProDesign

Trendy frames with a retro twist in hip colors!

Cool and funky acetate frames for the urban male and female, who want to stand out and make a statement.

With this frame the designer wanted to create a collection with focus on a simple yet exciting detail. The idea was to make a relatively "quiet" front with some "noise" in the hinge area. This is achieved by making a layer structure on the end piece in 5 different layer colors which gives a cool stripe effect on the side. The layers are then repeated in the end tip for further emphasizing the design.

The colors are fresh and classic, and for the first time in ages, you will actually also find frames that are all black. To obviate the need for frames that are plain and simple – with no decoration details at all, the designer has decided making solid black frames for this collection. As a contrast you will find very colorful frames of this collection as well, which are really lively and vibrant.

The front and temple color are the same. But the outlook differs as the colors are transparent. On the front they are combined with solid colors, making the look deep and rich, and on the temples the color looks brighter because of the transparency. The shapes are trendy with a retro twist.ProD

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