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Take Off Your Glasses and See?

 Is there actually a way to treat Myopia (near-sightedness) without a laser or special contact lenses???  I know of this theory and I think there is some legitimacy to it although I believe there are too many things in our lives that will counter the hard work put into creating such awesome sight. To move in any positive direction, there has to be a force greater than the opposite direction. Think of your eye sight working in two positions: near and far. Think of how much work you do at near and then think of how much work you do at distance. On average 60% of the time, we use our eyes for distance activity and 40% of the time, we work at near. Now think about how much your eyes work at focusing intently at these two distances. For far away things we're really trying to gain a general perspective of things. For near, we're really working our eyes forcing them to put figures together to make letters, then turning those letters into words, words into sentences, and so on. This is an intense workout for our eyes 40% of the day. Think of this: If you work out your bicep with a 10lb dumbbell 40% of the day and your other bicep with a 1lb dumbbell 60% of the day, which one will show greater improvement? Your intensity/weight is much greater during that 40% that the 60% so you'll see much greater use out of the 10lb workout. Now apply all this to this theory of reversing your prescription. Think about how long it took you to get to your current prescription. You're in your mid-twenties, a time at which distance eye-sight really starts to stabilize, and wonder how you got here. Most likely it's because of genetics and a lot of hard, 'INTENSE', work up close at the computer or in a book. 20 years to destroy our eyes!  To have any positive direction with this approach I believe it's going to take three things of which most of us don't have: 1. TIME and 2. The deepness in thought/training that it will take to treat. 3. The right prescription. I believe that relatively none of us have an extra 40% in our day to make up for that 40% that we are working so intently on. I also believe this deep meditation or training is difficult to achieve. Lastly, this is only going to work for people who are near-sighted (Myopic). Those with far-sightedness and astigmatism (a fair amount) are doomed!  Just kidding of course.  Therefore, I believe that less than 0.01% of the near-sighted actually can give a fighting chance at lessening their prescription.  Save your time and money used towards this type of treatment and use it towards your next pair of glasses from your favorite optometrist. Newest research shows that if you give a child the full amount of prescription, if not more, helps maintain the prescription as it stands.  For more on alternative treatments for blurry vision, ask me.  –Dr. Hofeldt 🙂

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